Who are Our Customers?
Our customers are property Owners who may own one property to seasoned investors with numerous rental homes and or apartment complexes. We specialize in assisting our Clients find the most qualified renters in the quickest time for their rental properties. Our system for finding renters is agile, efficient, and will expedite your property rental process.

Your Vacant Property:
Your vacant rental property is costing you time, money, and peace of mind. In addition, as the Louisville rental market continues to develop; marketing, showing, and screening renters becomes more, and more complex and time consuming. The process of securing a well qualified renter, in general, can be inconvenient and potentially risky for Investors and conventional Homeowners alike. Without proper procedures in place, you’re running the risk of either failing to Lease your property or filling it with an unqualified tenant.

Presented with the information above, and due to an increasingly competitive market, you might feel lost, frustrated, or apathetic toward the process of filling your vacancy. Furthermore, you have a personal life and other priorities that may supersede the need to rent your property. Important interests like family, work, and others may take a back seat when your property is vacant.

Getting Started with 4RENT Louisville:
In the modern Louisville rental market, marketing your property to well qualified tenants is extremely difficult. But, our advanced, time tested procedures not only simplify the process of renting your vacancy but expedite occupancy significantly. To get started Marketing/ Advertising your vacant investment property we offer a simple, streamlined and personal plan:

  1. Call 4RENT Louisville to ask additional questions about our procedures and to schedule an on-property or in office meeting: 502-425-7368
  2. Review our standardized Leasing Agreement prior to our meeting (sent via email or fax).
  3. After the Leasing Agreement is signed, one of our professional Leasing staff members will meet you at the vacant property to prepare your unique marketing material.
  4. Once the marketing material is published to 20+ sites, we will schedule personal showings with prospective tenants. Upon receiving an application, we will send our comprehensive applicant package for your final approval!

Our Promise:
Our 30 day agreement is simple and does not contain confusing or cryptic legal jargon. In the event we fail to rent your vacancy and you decide to cancel our Agreement, there is no cancellation fee. Customers retain our marketing material following the initial meeting for future use (detailed property description and high res photos). Additionally, as our customer, you may request edits before the advertisement goes live. While we make recommendations regarding tenant selection, you have the final say regarding the acceptance of the application- we will never move in a tenant whom you didn’t approve!

Call our office today to schedule a consultation or ask additional questions about our property marketing and advertising services… in most cases your vacancy listing is live within 2 days of our scheduled onsite inspection!

The End Result:
Leasing and Managing investment properties is risky business without proper procedures and expertise. Our customers may feel anxious, unsure, or just too busy to worry about Leasing their property. In addition, some property Owners are not equipped to market and screen prospective tenants correctly; in today’s rental economy doing so is absolute necessity. Choose to go at it alone, and you could be another investment property owner with a horror story…

That’s were we come in! 4RENT Louisville’s methodical and proven Leasing procedures secure the best renters in the business.  After you engage our services, you’ll feel more confident about who’s renting and caring for your home. Our customers know their tenants have been rigorously screened and painstakingly sought out. You can trust 4RENT Louisville with Leasing your investment property. Let us assist you and deliver the peace of mind you deserve!

Our services Include…

1. Property Management Services (Through BSP, Inc)

  • Monthly Statement Generation (income and expense ratios).
  • Statement Review by Certified Property Manager (Bill Stout).
  • Bill Pay (LGE, Louisville Water, Property Invoices, etc.).
  • Rent Collection (Online Rental Payments).
  • Maintenance coordination (Online Maintenance Requests).
  • The most advanced Cloud based Property Management Software.
  • Leasing Office.
  • And much, much more…

2. Leasing Services Agreement (Call for Pricing)  

  • Non-binding 30 day agreement. 
  • Online Advertising (20+ websites).
  • Property Signage. 
  • High Resolution Photos. 
  • Creative and Detailed Property Description. 
  • Online Rental Application. 
  • Tenant Selection (Nationwide criminal, eviction, and credit report). 
  • Personal Showings (NO KEY RENTAL). 
  • Deposit Collection and Lease Execution.  

3. Property Advertising/ Marketing Services ($250.00)
Gain access to our professional property advertising services which includes Hi-Res Photos, Detailed Property Description, and access to our powerful software that advertises to 20+ websites! All prospective tenants will be forwarded to you for follow up and showings!